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The benchmark vegan and organic food.

Raw Organic Vega was born in Barcelona with the clear objective of providing the vegan public , macrobiotic, with organic ingredients without gluten cultivated for small local producers. The concept of Vega Raw Organic Gourmet Gallery is a vegan self-service, artisanal and organic dishes for vegans "take away". Our establishments are also prepared with tables where is possible to taste the dishes.

Vega Raw Organic recipes are unique, are a fusion between the traditional Catalan cuisine and vegan.

Business Overview.

Our cuisine is a commitment to health, the environment and respect for animals. In Vega Raw Organic Process, try and combine the ingredients in our dishes so enhance its positive effects, healthy and therapeutic. We do not use preservatives or products
GM, either dairy or anything of animal origin.
Never pasteurized our kitchen, Why alter the properties of
food kills the nutrients essential for our body.

Our restaurant concept, includes three lines of business; take away, The sale of ecological products of proximity and tasting in the own store.

Our facilities help customers with nutrition tips. Also organized monthly events, workshops and tastings, with the aim to educate the attendees of the food revolution that is about to produirse in the food market.

Vega Raw Organic is compromised with Healthy food to respect the environment.
Our commitment is clear; what is healthy for you is healthy for the planet.

Each franchise works with a custom cultural agenda. It is necessary that the place has a space for events organized by the monthly allowance.

We give you the keys to your own profitable business.

Training department:

ongoing training
our experts vegan,
macrobiotic and crua.

Quality of service:

We care
personally by our expert staff.

Quality Products:

With the best suppliers and
daily supplier.

attractive business:

Stores with an attractive design
giving a new image and vegan food

Web traffic:

Increased customer via web. more
from 10.000 monthly visits and through our mobile App


Obtain a profitability without
renunicar more affordable prices

For more information, do not hesitate to contact without commitment. Our expert staff will inform you about everything.

Ramon Carner

Tel: 617 320 920

- Director expansion franchise -